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Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes… Non-Communicable Diseases remain the leading cause of death and disability in the world. In fact, according to WHO data, they are responsible for the death of more than 41 million people a year, equivalent to a total of 71% of deaths worldwide.

To curb the growing epidemic and prevent this type of disease, it is essential to address the risk factors that cause them: the WHO and the Spanish National Health System (SNS) already have specific strategies for their prevention and control, but the recent pandemic has meant that these have taken a back seat. For this reason, now more than ever we need to promote a change in culture and habits that prioritizes prevention and the approach to this type of pathology, with the aim of improving the long-term quality of life of the population.

Non-Communicable Diseases are not old age ailments and many people don’t know it: How can we effectively address this issue, improve lifestyle habits, and stop this epidemic?
Ana LluchSenior Consultant LLYC de Healthcare Américas
Habits that can cost you your life: the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases
Alejandro RomeroPartner and global CEO at LLYC Javier MarínSenior Director Healthcare Américas at LLYC
Changing lifestyles and environments are the key to minimizing the impact of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases
Ezequiel ForteDirector of the Cardiometabolism Council of the Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC).
Development equalizes the bad health of the planet
Emilio de BenitoSenior Advisor at LLYC