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Health equity
Health equity
Health equity
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Health equity

Equity, understood as equal healthcare assistance and medical access throughout the world, is a universal human right to which not everyone has access. Because, nowadays, we aren’t all the same when we’re facing an illness. According to the WHO, there’s a difference of 18 year-life between high and low income countries, a gap caused by economic, social and management inefficiencies.

In order to strengthen this gap and to achieve social justice in health care at a global level, it is necessary to promote collaborative approaches between public and private institutions, and encourage investments in new technologies to improve management and access to quality health care for all.

Telehealth: The key to the public-private healthcare alliance under the new government
Santiago Rivas García Public Affairs Consultant, LLYC Luisa Fernanda Ortíz Quiñónez Public Affairs Manager, LLYC
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Hugo F. Villegas President of Medtronic Latin America
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Sergey Zverev Manager of MSD Colombia and Ecuador
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José Martínez Olmos Exsecretary General de Sanidad and Senior Advisor at LLYC
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Silvia GoldPresident of Mundo Sano foundation